Mobile Apps Statistics for 2015

  • The number of smartphones shipments is expected to be almost one billion in 2015
  • This billion will be dominated by Apple, Google and Microsoft, who will enjoy 90% of  market share with their respective platforms
  • In December 2011 the Android Market surpassed 400,000 app mark, doubling the number of available applications only in 8 months
  • Smartphone sales (globally) are expected to increase by 25% from 472 million in 2011 to 630 million in 2012
  • 57% of all new Android and IOS apps are downloaded in the US, followed by 12% China, 4% Taiwan, 3% UK, 3% Canada, 2% Australia and 2% Hong Kong
  • Mobile apps will grow from a $6billion industry today to $55.7billion industry by 2015
  • 53% of American cellphone (mobile) users now have a smartphone
  • 38% of people who use social media on mobile devices cite general browsing as their main activity


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