Approx 25% Americans to use NFC Mobile wallet by 2017

With increasing number of smartphones that are fitted with NFC techology, more and more businesses are making use of NFC for their marketing, making their customers familiar to the technology.

Another thing that is driving that awareness is the efforts of such big companies such as Google, Sprint, AT&T, Visa, MasterCard, Samsung, LG and other similarly large companies in the fields of NFC technology and mobile payments in general. What’s more, all of these companies are working doubly hard to make their own payment system easy to use and very convenient. These efforts would encourage people to use or at least try out their payment systems.

In fact, a recent Juniper Research report reveals that by 2017, 1 in every 4 American consumers are going to use NFC to pay for their purchases. That is 25%, a far cry from the current 2%!

Another study has shown that NFC mobile payments are on the rise. According to IDC Financial Insight’s Consumer Payments Survey, 1 in every 3 of their respondents have used their mobile phones for paying for their purchase that is double the number from the previous year’s survey.

Admittedly, this number would increase many fold if Apple decides to include NFC into its flagship iPhone and iPad products. But that is something that is not foreseen to happen in the near future.

This is not to say that NFC adoption does not have roadblocks. For one, there are just too many payment platforms right now and each one is competing with the other. There is no effort at making one solution work for each of these platforms. For example, Google Wallet is partnering with Sprint for its Google Wallet service, while AT&T and the other carriers are coming up with ISIS. From the looks of it, you would not be able to use Google Wallet to pay on an ISIS terminal.


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