MagixFone - New way of engaging with brands through Mobile Marketing Campaigns

What is MagixFone™ ?
MagixFone™ is Any Display Any Phone interactive technology which gives your audience the ability to control the screen for playing games, answering quizzes, sending social messages and much more. Incentivize your audience by distributing discounts, brand goodies, offers or sms-coupons. Its instant and can be customized for your target audience. All they need is a phone, any phone will do and they are ready to interact with the content that you want to display!!
The MagixFone™ Kit is a combination of hardware and software that allows any user to engage with any display using their mobile phone. A user can dial or text a number given on screen at the point of interaction and the MagixFone™ hardware picks-up the call and allows the user to use his/her mobiles keypad or voice to interact with the display.
Features Converts any digital signage into interactive signageWorks with all mobile phone modelsProvides user interaction statistics to measure impact of a campaign usin…

Mobile Payments in UK - 2012

Mobile Payments project by Payments Council UK has progressed towards making payments using just a mobile phone number possible for everyone.

The Payment Council is working on the database that links mobile numbers to account details. By doing this, an individual can receive and make payments on the go via Mobile phones regardless of who you Bank with.

The database will be available to UK banks and building societies before the end of 2012. Customers will register for the service through their own bank, with no need to share their details with a third party.

The final service will be safe, secure and simple to use – offering an easy way to pay a friend back for dinner, or pay a window cleaner or other tradesman.

The work to develop account-to-account mobile payments is going ahead in the context of a wider review of the landscape in mobile payment initiatives, including developments in contactless payments (also known as Near Field Communication, or NFC) and banking ‘apps’.

The Payme…

Interbank Mobile Payment Service

Interbank Mobile Payment Service or IMPS allows interbank electronic fund transfers through Mobile devices. In simple terms, IMPS enable customers to access their Bank account through Mobile Device along with transfer of high interbank fund transfers in a secured environment. 

It belongs to National Payments Corporation of India, an organisation for all retail payment systems in India.This facility is provided by NPCI through its existing NFS switch. 
Considering, the current fund transfer channel mechanisms such as NEFT, One of the drawbacks is the transactions are processed and settled in batches, hence are not real time. Also, the transactions can be done only during the working hours of the RTGS system.
Objective of IMPS:
1. To enable bank customers to use mobile instruments as a channel for accessing their banks accounts and  remit funds 2.  Making payment simpler just with the mobile number of the beneficiary 3.  To sub-serve the goal of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in electronificatio…

Mobile Imaging in Insurance - Time to adapt

Mobile image technology has the potential to transform internal business processes, particularly those that support sales and service. Just as significant as the positive impact that mobile imaging technology has on the customer experience, is what it can do for streamlining data capture. The possibilities for transforming insurers’ business processes are vast. It is a catalyst for innovation. Insurers can rethink their processes with the same creativity that they apply to customer interactions.

Insurers using mobile imaging think of a mobile camera as a replacement for a PC, telephone, scanner, and printer all in one – as a picture that can be used to communicate in a variety of mediums within a single transaction. Mobile imaging technology successfully bridges the gap between the physical and digital world.
As insurers consider the new power in starting with the data capture portion of business processes, rather than with the transaction, it is advisable to start with the images tha…

Collaborate, Communicate and Celebrate with Oogwave..!!!

Oogwave is a free web based collaboration platform service that lets you work better together with your team, by letting you bring all your work information, files, discussions and plans to a single place and allows you to share and work together easily with your team, department or company colleagues.

Oogwave Inc is founded by Sunny Pushp, CEO and Andy Cobb, President Strategy in Jan 2011. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
In Sept 2011, they launched Oogwave, a simple online collaboration tool, esthetically made with an appealing user interface. There is no downloads required, so it can be used from any Internet-connected device computer, smart phones and iPad.

“In case you haven't noticed, work is a bit different these days. It's not just jobs changing--the whole culture is different. These days, things are moving at the speed of a tweet, and people want access to company systems and data at all times. Basically, our work styles have become as unique as our people. No p…

Mobile Payment Models - Stake Holders Perpectives

Mobile Payments Ecosystem Stakeholders

The four potential mobile payments business model as follows:
Operator-Centric Model:The mobile operator acts independently to deploy mobile payment applications to NFC-enabled mobile devices. The applications may support a prepaid stored value model or the charges may be integrated into the customer’s wireless bill.

Bank-Centric Model: A bank deploys mobile payment applications or devices to customers and ensures merchants have the required point-of-sale (POS) acceptance capability. Payments are processed over the existing financial networks with credits and debits to the appropriate accounts.

Peer-to-Peer Model: An independent peer-to-peer service provider provides secure mobile payments between customers or between customers and merchants.

Collaboration Model: This model involves collaboration among banks, mobile operators and other stakeholders in the mobile payments value chain, including a potential trusted third party that manages the deployment o…

Fundamo's Mobile Wallet Solution - Today's Spotlight

Overview: Fundamo is a private company based out of South Africa and builds mobile financial service products primarily used by MNOs. Its deployments have focused largely on emerging markets where the MNOs have a strong distribution network and banking services are mostly serving an elite few. Its mobile wallet and financial services infrastructure provides a full-range mobile money product (see below for features). Founded in 2000 by Hannes van Rensburg, Fundamo has grown to be a respected leader in the mobile money space. Van Rensburg has prior experience working in the financial services industry which definitely bolsters Fundamo’s credibility in delivering robust financial solutions.

Key Features:Fundamo’s Mobile Wallet platform enables the full range of mobile money basics, including:
P2P transfers (local and international) Airtime purchases Bill payments Balance inquiries Card and PIN management
Notable Clients/Partnerships:Fundamo boasts working in more than 20 countries on over 5…