Collaborate, Communicate and Celebrate with Oogwave..!!!

Oogwave is a free web based collaboration platform service that lets you work better together with your team, by letting you bring all your work information, files, discussions and plans to a single place and allows you to share and work together easily with your team, department or company colleagues.

Oogwave Inc is founded by Sunny Pushp, CEO and Andy Cobb, President Strategy in Jan 2011. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
In Sept 2011, they launched Oogwave, a simple online collaboration tool, esthetically made with an appealing user interface. There is no downloads required, so it can be used from any Internet-connected device computer, smart phones and iPad.

“In case you haven't noticed, work is a bit different these days. It's not just jobs changing--the whole culture is different. These days, things are moving at the speed of a tweet, and people want access to company systems and data at all times. Basically, our work styles have become as unique as our people. No pressure, but it's your time to shine. You have a chance to make the technology of your company as cool and agile as the people who use it”, says Sunny Pushp, CEO at Oogwave.
The idea behind Oogwave is all about helping people work better together. It encourages a new way of working and a shift away from using email as the main way of discussion and collaboration. With large teams of people Oogwave can create efficiencies in finding and sharing information. It is complex enough for secure collaboration, but easy enough for non-technical people to use.

Not only that, Oogwave will significantly reduce your capital expenditures. There will be no need to purchase server hardware, or to put systems in place for backup and recovery, allowing your team to spend less time dealing with communication issues and more time focusing on more strategic work.

With support all major browsers, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mango and Blackberry (OS7 and above), your work and personal information is truly available anywhere anytime.
How Oogwave works?

Oogwave makes all your business and work information available to you from any computer or mobile device. You can access and work on important things from home or office, access all important files and discussions without worrying about anything.
Joining Oogwave is easy: With simple registration you create a workgroup and then invite your coworkers to the group and start working together from sharing files, discussing idea or working on a campaign or project together. It is perfect for team working as everyone is aware of what is happening and when. It is also accessible from mobile and tablets devices allowing you to take your information on the road (No app download required with direct access from device browser; for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Mango).

It also protects your work data and files without you needing to think about it. Transmission of your data and files occurs over an encrypted channel (SSL) where supported, and your files are encrypted when stored on Oogwave servers.
The product offers unlimited storage space for free, and you can invite as many people you want to your workgroup or create multiple workgroups with single login Id.

Oogwave Highlights:
Oogwave boasts to have more than 20,000 registered users. It has a customer base spanning across 74 countries supporting 8 different languages viz English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Danish and Russian

For more information about Oogwave, visit and and follow @oogwaveinc on Twitter.


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