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· Worried about the impact on business processes due to new releases?

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Kunal Roychoudhury


  1. Hi Kunal,

    Thanks for the post. Very Informative.

  2. BEST - Behaviour Empowering Sloutions for Teachers / Trainers Add a comment »

    BEST means Behaviour Empowering Solutions for Teachers.Behaviour is the symptom that is seen in the way students conduct themselves be it positive or negative. But behaviour is driven by concrete wall like ATTITUDES which again is due to environment influences based on the different types of upbringing that we all have had in our early days. Theseformative years in one's lifeleads to glue-like Mindsets and combine with die-hard Habits to for Attitudes.

    The only recourse is to work on Changing the Thought processes - the way we THINK. The BEST way to change the way we think is to enable Teachers, Trainers, Coaches & Counsellors to get "Learning to Think & Thinking to Learn". How to do it is quite simple - by learning to flex one's communication to suit the students' learning style. But every student has a different learning style and it is here that it is important to realise that one can not have teacher centred classrooms, but student centred sessions. It is time we adults learn to match our teaching to suit the learning styles of each student in order to make a difference to that student.

    A largevariety of topicsneed to beaddressed in great depth and some of the key topics are;

    1. Dealing with difficult behaviour of students / parents

    2. Enhancing Focus and Concentration of students

    3. Improving Memory recall through better techniques

    4. 80 / 20 Mind Focus Mapping

    5. Dealing with teenage challenges in class rooms

    6. Help them grow in self esteem and self confidence

    7. Make use of Multiple Intelligence Class rooms

    8. Teacher as a Leader

    In all these practical interventions solutions are provided to each and every challenge a teacher is likely to face. It is professionally done through a series of Psychometric assessments, Behavioural games, Psychological concepts based implementation strategies, case studies, role play, and interactive group discussions.

    Let us invest in the best in order to get the best out of our students - young or old. Let us help them learn better with Behaviour based techniques that enable us to match their multiple intelligence as prescribed by Howard Gardner to their Learning styles as researched by Kurt Levin, John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Rita Dunn and others. Oh yes, not to forget the exciting research into emotionnal intelligence by Daniel coleman truly adds more meat.

    If your organisation or institution needs help, please feel free to contact me to register your interest. Individuals too can benefit if they wish to makethat vital difference to their students.

    Best wishes in Learning to Think!

    Atul Asher

  3. Interesting post. What are the tests to identify the ACTN3 contents?


  4. Interesting stuff kunal.....


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