The ACTN3 gene in elite Greek track and field athletes

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I just discovered what was the reason behind my record breaking performances in my entire athletic career.

My muscle fibres contains ACTN3 R allele gene.

The study of genetic influence in the making of an Olympic champion is still in its nascence, but recent work has provided findings regarding the association of the ACTN3 gene on athletic performance. The aim of this study was to examine genetic differences among elite Greek track and field athletes by analysing a mononucleotide polymorphism in exon 15 of the ACTN3 gene. Results showed that ACTN3 genotype and allele frequencies in the top power-oriented athletes were statistically significantly different from those in a representative random sample of the Greek population: the frequency of the RR ACTN3 genotype in power-oriented athletes vs. the general population was 47.94 % vs. 25.97 %. This result was even more prominent for comparison of the subgroup of sprinters to controls. The results suggest an overall strong association between the presence of the RR genotype and elite power performance.


  1. Really informative stuff.....i feel afrikans are more rugged maybe due to similar accounts...what do you feel people ? Lets have a discussion...!!

  2. nice post....i have also commented above.


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