MagixFone - New way of engaging with brands through Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Interactive Magix Phone

What is MagixFone™ ?

MagixFone™ is Any Display Any Phone interactive technology which gives your audience the ability to control the screen for playing games, answering quizzes, sending social messages and much more. Incentivize your audience by distributing discounts, brand goodies, offers or sms-coupons. Its instant and can be customized for your target audience. All they need is a phone, any phone will do and they are ready to interact with the content that you want to display!!

The MagixFone™ Kit is a combination of hardware and software that allows any user to engage with any display using their mobile phone. A user can dial or text a number given on screen at the point of interaction and the MagixFone™ hardware picks-up the call and allows the user to use his/her mobiles keypad or voice to interact with the display.

  • Converts any digital signage into interactive signage
  • Works with all mobile phone models
  • Provides user interaction statistics to measure impact of a campaign using this media
  • Receive multiple incoming calls to a single display by connecting multiple MagixFone devices to one CPU
  • Open API’s available (Software development kit) to develop interactive content using MagixFone
  • Portable and easy to install

Where can MagixFone™ be used?
  • In Clubs, Discos and Parties to get crowd feel a social connection through media.
  • For advertising and branding campaigns to design consumer engagement games and applications
  • Shopping malls and Retail outlets
  • Events, festivals and music concerts
  • Conventions and conference centers
  • Gaming areas


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